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    Powered by AI, Blocksi’s unique and user-friendly classroom screen monitoring software provides teachers a fully integrated dashboard for real-time screen monitoring, content sharing, dynamic web filtering and analytics to help keep students safe throughout each new session.

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    The Virtual classroom can place students before their teacher and peers in an immersive educational experience. Since Covid-19, what was once a novelty for a select few has become the norm for millions of students across the U.S. This technology is a boon for educators, as it allows them to...
    2011 saw the birth of Blocksi, Inc, with one overriding mission. It exists to provide a cloud-content filtering and classroom management system for G-Suite managed Chromebooks and Windows OS devices. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, the company aims to help in-school or remote educators, with...
    With homeschooling becoming more prevalent than ever, the need for classroom screen monitoring software has gone up as well. There are few things more important to a parent than their child's education, and few things less important to a child. While in a perfect world, the honor system would be...
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